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Hello fellow LOTR fan!! My name is Kevin and i love to research things, ponder on elusive dreams, and basically learn. I am fascinated by everything from Universal Meaning to impacts of intermingling cultures. Furthermore, I like to soak up various bits of random information and draw back on that information at other random times (lmao) For these reasons I was obviously drawn to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It represents in so many ways the entire exsitance of mankind. Good vs. Evil, right vs. wrong, overcoming insurmountable obstacles that push the boundaries of human nature, and what i believe most important of all the unity of the masses to work for the common good, with little regard for the impact it would have on their personal lives. I hope you enjoy the site!! 

P.S: I would like to have links on other fans websites. I would also love to put a link to anybodys website on my website. (but obviously nothing trashy, incorrect, or abusive) I am of the opinion that everybody should try their hardest to be heard if they ideas/thoughts/or really just something they think is worth saying

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Charlotte, North Carolina (USA)

(if for some reason you feel there is a need to know my specific address, feel free to contact me with your reason at the above email address.)