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Creatures for Good

The following are two creatures that served the side of Man.


Horses have always been used by Men and Elves. Those breeds that are descended from Nahar (the horse of Orome) are usually white or silver-grey, fleet, long-lived and can often understand the speech of Men and Elves. One example of this type is the Mearas, the horses of the Kings of Rohan. Snowmane was one of the Mearas, as was Shadowfax, the mount of Gandalf. Shadowfax broke the rule that only the Lords of Rohan could ride one of the Mearas, and Shadowfax was the finest of the Mearas.


Eagles are enemies of the servants of Mordor, as well as hindering the Orcs whenever they can. Gwaihir was the Lord of the Eagles at the end of the Third Age and at need would bear Gandalf away from somewhere he could not else have escaped, ex. Orthanc, or the peak of Zirak-Zigil. Gwaihir was the one that carried Gandalf into Mordor to rescue Frodo and Sam from the fury of Mount Doom after the destruction of the Ring.