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The Men Of Darkness

Rhun and Harad, the East and South of Middle-earth, not only geographically stayed outside of the West's sight, but these regions had also never been of concern to the Elves whose histories chiefly dealt with themselves, nor to the Numenoreans who did not advance far into the interior of the continent.

The Men of Darkness
Men of Darkness or Men of the Shadow, "applied to all those who were hostile to the Kingdoms, and who were (or appeared in Gondor to be) moved by something more than human greed for conquest and plunder, a fanatical hatred of the High Men [i.e. the Numenoreans] and their allies as enemies of their gods. The term took no account of differences of race or culture or language."

People of Harad

In Harad, south of Ithilien, "there are more lands, they say, but the Yellow Face [the sun] is very hot there, and there are seldom any clouds, and the men are fierce and have dark faces." (Gollum) Most remarkable, aside of the native skin colour, seemed to be the presence of giant ancestors to the modern elephant who even in Arnor were rumoured as "oliphaunts".

People of Rhun
Rhun seemed to consist entirely of "wide uncharted lands, nameless plains, and forests unexplored."  So unexplored that mythmakers found huge space to fill: "The wild white kine that were still to be found near the Sea of Rhun were said in legend to be descended from the Kine of Araw, the huntsman of the Valar, who alone of the Valar came often to Middle-earth in the Elder Days. Orome is the High-elven form of his name." (Many refer to them as Dark Elves)